I Recommend…-Japanese restaurants in Europe


Before moving to Helsinki, I thought it was non-sense to go to Japanese restaurant in other countries than our country, Japan. I thought one should try the local food! However, living in Europe, I started to check out Japanese restaurants in other countries. It's fun to try and see how good those restaurants are doing.

And I thought it would be fun to share my experience with friends.

So, here's my recommendation in Athens where I visited most recently (I went to the restaurant twice during my 1 week stay in Greece. I was eating there yesterday, actually). 



Sushi Kaze (寿司 風)and Chirashi (ちらし)were great! A friend tried Hiyashi-chuka (冷やし中華)but she told me it wasn't as good as she expected. I spoke with one of the sushi chef and he told me which fish was good on the day and included them in my sushi set. It seems they remembered has when we went there second time and offered a pot of green tea! Thank you very much.