Tampere & the world best munkki

20100914_016 I
visited Tampere for work on the beautiful autumn day and stayed one night there. My expectation to Tampere wasn't much. Only what I could think of going after work was ra-men (kinda' Japanese noodle) restaurant, "Hanabi". I went to eat supper there but Tampere had more to offer : ) A friend recommended me to go to cafe at the Pyynikin näkötorni as they have very tasty munkki in addition to the beautiful view from the top of the tower. It was located about 30-minute away from the city center (I am not sure about it as a friend from work and I deviated to go to some shop on the way). And it was a good exercise before eating sugary treat! The cafe was busy. In the surroundings, people were jogging, walking and motorcycling. Later I heard that motorcyclist get together at the cafe every Monday and
20100914_011 it's difficult to get a table. Luckily it was Tuesday when we went there though. I wondered if I should order regular size mukki or smaller one but I am glad that I got the regular size. It was super yummy and my Finnish friend told me that it was the best she had ever eaten. I thought so, too! We concluded it's the best munkki in Finland and it means it's the best in the world as we don't think other countries have munkki. I had thought munkki was doughnut before but it's not. Or do we have something similar in Japan… not so sure about it. I was tempted to have another munkki but managed not to have ;-)   

The view from the top of the tower was beautiful, BTW, but I have to say, it's worth going to Tampere for munkki!!! 

PS. Trying to add the link of the cafe, I realized they call it doughnut! Here's the link.