Bread & Butter – Kannisto Leipomo & Kirnuvoi

I can't start a day without good bread and butter. (and coffee…)

Kannisto leipomo ( is my most favorite bakery in Helsinki (not many bakeries in this country, BTW!!!) And it's located in my neighborhood : ) This morning, I went there to get some fresh bread for the coming week and it was really refreshing to walk there with some deviation to the park. Love weekend's mornings! 

Yesterday, a friend introduced me the butter in the picture when we went to the Anton & Anton saying it has been her favorite. I love butter maybe more than bread and haven't been happy the ordinary butter which alsmot everyone buy at the supermarket here. So, I had high expectation when the friend introduced it to me! Hurray, it didn't betray my expectation this morning! It's much more tasty than the other one! I can't wait for tomorrow morning to have the bread and the butter 😉


20110806_006 20110806_002
朝ごはんはトーストにバター。(そしてコーヒー) おいしいトーストとバターは1日のスタートに欠かせない。

今朝は近所のKannisto Leipomoに焼きたてのパンを買いに行った。フィンランドにはいわゆるベーカリーがほとんどなくてがっかりなんだけど 我が家の近所のこのパン屋、パン屋らしいパン屋だし、とてもおいしいパンを売っている。この店を教えてもらったときはほんとうれしかった!!!”やった パン屋”っていう感じ (笑 今朝はとてもすがすがしい天気でパン屋に行ったついでにちょっと遠回りをして短い散歩。幸せな朝だった。