Summer & Potatoes

Last Friday when I said, "I am going to cook new potatoes tomorrow", a friend of mine recommended me "siikli" potetoes. It's yummy and I like the texture a lot. Today I cooked it with Ghee which I made from unsalted butter, cumin seed and garlic. I didn't add any salt and pepper but it tasted nice : ) I like Finnish summer now more than before. Food is one of the reasons. We can get fresh vegetable and fruits, which I can't find very much in winter here.

フィンランドの夏が以前よりもっと好きになったかも。その理由の1つは食べ物。夏になると新鮮な野菜やフルーツがたくさん出回る。この新じゃが siikli もその1つ。先週フィンランド人の友達が教えてくれたおいしいじゃがいも。今日はこのじゃがいもを無塩バターから自分で作ったギーとクミンシードとにんにくで炒めて晩御飯。味もさながら食感がとてもよい感じ。