Finnish Restaurant Savotta @ Helsinki

The log house behind the gate was Finnish restaurant, Savotta. We wondered if this was the right place to enter. But it was the right entrance to the dining room in the basement. We were greeted by super cheerful man in a costume (I suppose it was old Finnish country style clothes).



There were authentic Finnish dishes in the menu and the waiter told us their recommendation were fish soup and their new menu, bear meat ball when he brought the petite appetizer.



Half following his recommendation, we ordered Finnish fish soup which was actually salmon soup and Vendace fish à la  floaters’ “Saihu” boat. Soup was served in an interesting way, (look at the photo below) and the fried vendace was served with a lot of mash potatoes. They were tasty though we were a bit tired of the fried fish (it wasn't small amount and keep eating fried food made us too full to feel great).

熊の肉にはあまり食指が動かなかったわれわれ。お薦めの魚のスープとシロマスのフライをオーダー。スープのプレゼンテーションはなかなか(笑 シロマスはたっぷりのマッシュポテトと一緒に登場。どちらもおいしくいただきました。でも シロマスのフライはあんなにいっぱいいらないかも。食べてるうちにしつこくなってきた。もともと揚げ物にそんなに強いほうじゃないからかもしれないけど もうたくさん・・・


Dining experience at Savotta was nice especially for the authentic Finnish setting. This is a good restaurant to remember when you have visitors from other countries. In fact, I went there with a friend visiting here from Singapore. But I have to say we were not happy with the pricey bottle of water, 8€!