Already Spring or Still Winter? …and Smoothies at Kawa Cafe @ Helsinki

The days are lengthened day by day…Sun wasn't totally set yet at 20:30 last Saturday (photo↓). Even though temperature was still low, we started feeling spring in the air…



But … today I was surprised to see snow on the street (photo↓)! And we had more snow later today (no photo).

と 思っていたのも束の間。今朝起きてびっくり・・・なんだか見慣れた風景(↓)。またしても雪!そして昼過ぎからさらに大雪 (残念ながら写真はないのでご想像ください)・・・


After the joyful yoga class, I had a lovely smoothie evening with yoga friends at Kawa cafe wondering if it was already spring or still winter. These are green smoothie and goji berry + blueberry smoothie.

もう春が来たのか、まだ(真)冬なのか、そんなことを話しながら夕方はヨガクラスの後にKawa cafe でヨガ友とスムージー。私はいつものグリーンスムージー、ヨガ友は流行り(少なくともフィンランドでは)のゴジベリーとブルーベリーのスムージー(あずきを髣髴させる色!)。


Is tomorrow going to be springy or snowy…? You never know!