Sunday Brunch at Hotel Kämp – Helsinki


It's getting much warmer in Helsinki! I can go out without a winter coat. What a relief?! Today, I went to the Brasserie Kämp for Sunday Brunch. Kämp is the most prestigious hotel in Finland and Madonna stayed here when she came to Helsinki a couple of years ago. Looking at the menu of the Sunday Brunch, I have been looking forward to today since I agreed with a friend to come there!



We liked they had several kinds of salad, Paté spiced with green pepper, char grilled salmon as one of the appetizers, slightly-smoked salmon as one of the main dishes, roasted lamb, very tasty mozzarella, pancakes with maple syrup!!!…etc (every dishes, anyways). And we are extremely impressed by the crispy croissants and choices of the gorgeous dessert! They even had my favourite cupcakes from Kanniston leipomo (Déjà vu!!!)which I just wrote about a couple of days ago. So, this time I tasted both strawberry and chocolate ones : ) Both were lovely! I was simply enjoying eating those lovely dishes and didn't take many pictures. You have to go there if you would like to see how the Sunday buffet is like! It's a bit pricey and good for special occasions!

デザートの中にはなんと、おとといKannistonleipomoで食べてお気に入りになったあのカップケーキ。今日は友達と半分こでストロベリーとチョコレートの両方を味見。ビュッフェだから半分こでなくてもよかったけど、もうこの時点で結構おなかいっぱい(笑 料理の写真はあまり撮らず、魅力的に並んでいたデザートの写真のみ。後はご想像で!


 (written on 29, April このポストは4月29日に書きました)