Cloudy Sunday & Salutorget cafe @ Helsinki

 It was sunny and the sky was super blue in the morning but when left home in the afternoon, it started to get cloudy and it was a bit chilly. It's May but there are still cold days, especially when it is windy.

I walked from home to Pohjoisesplanadi to go to another cafe I hadn't been to. I took my camera with me and enjoyed taking photos on the way. Marimekko's show window was quite springy and lovely!




At the Salutorget cafe I wanted to try their cream tea (scones and tea) but it wasn't available today. So, I tried voisilmäplla (butter eye bun) (my most favorite pulla!) with cappuccino. The pulla was huge and it was really light and tasty. It was a bit different from usual Finnish voisilmäpulla but I liked it as much as the ordinary ones. It is nice that we have different types of voisilmäplla available in the town. It was 4.20€, much more expensive thant the ones we could get from other cafes but it doesn't matter really for one Sunday afternoon. And it was huge 😉 As the Salutorget cafe is located on the most touristic street in Helsinki, the customers were mostly tourists. I also looked very tourist with my camera 😉 and my looks ;-)It was comfortable to spend time there though I don't know if it was because of non-local customers or nice welcoming waitresses! They do table services which is not common in Finland, btw.

さて、お目当てのカフェは Salutorget。フィンランドではめずらしい(イギリスでは全然めずらしくないけど)クリームティーをやってるというのを聞いて、行って見たかったのだが・・・残念、今日はやってないって(どうも日曜日はやってないようで)。せっかく来たので好物のvoisilmäpllaとカプチーノでコーヒータイム。メニューにSalutorget風というようなことが書いてあったが、いかにも。いわゆる普通のvoisilmäpllaと違ってサクサク。とても軽い。voisilmäpllaは私の大好物。フィンランドの普通のやつも、このカフェのオリジナルも、どちらもおいしい!しかもここのプッラは巨大!こんなに大きくてどうしよ~と思ったけど サクサクだったので、あっという間に食べちゃった(笑




Even though weather wasn't best to take a walk, I enjoyed walking slowly with the camera after the coffee break. I liked lovely buildings near the senator square. 



I also visited the city hall which had exhibition to celebrate Helsinki's 200years as capital city. I liked the satellite pictures picture of the city and managed to locate my flat : )


As to Helsinki 200years as capital city programme, check out