A Cafe with the Lovely Ceiling – Viilipuutarha @ Helsinki


I read about "Viilipuutarha", "Wild garden" in English, long time ago in the newspaper. The cafe I had wanted to go for such long time and haven't been till this evening had lovely decoration on the ceiling. Though I had dreamed of having luxurious brunch there on Saturday, it's not Saturday today and I went there after work. Although chocolate chiffon cake looked super delicious, I chose korvapuusti (typical Finnish bun) with coffee. I thought the simple and typical Finnish bun could tell me how good their buns, cake and biscuits were 🙂 And and…

ずっと前に新聞で読んでずっと行ってみたいと思ってたのになかなか行く機会のなかったカフェ Viilipuutarha, (英語だとWild Garden)。 今日は思いがけず開いてる時間にお店の前に。ドアを開けると鳥のさえずりでウェルカム(センサー仕掛け)。そしてうわさどおりの乙女チックなインテリアデコレーション。中でも天井はとても素敵。テーブルにもこんな白バラが。



Voila! The reputation of their homemade baked goods was true! Cafe staffs were very kind and friendly : ) And it is table service (table service is unusual at the cafes in Finland, in case you don't know about it 😉