London 2012 – Japan vs Spain at Glasgow

I just came back from Scotland where I saw an exciting football match between Japan and Spain. It was my first summer Olympic experience and I liked it : ) 

The match was held at the Hampden Park in Glasgow. It took about 45 minutes from Edinburgh where I stayed for five days to Glasgow by train and there was the courtesy train running from Glasgow central station to the station where the stadium is located at. 

Even though the stadium wasn't full, there were a lot of people travelling to the Hampden Park. (The photo below is queue for the courtesy train.)

グラスゴーで初めての夏のオリンピック体験。本対スペインの男子サッカーを観戦。私が滞在していたエジンバラからグラスゴーまでは電車で45分くらい。グラスゴーの中央駅から試合の行われたHampden Parkの最寄駅までは無料の電車で。残念ながらスタジアムは満員にならなかったけれど、たくさんの人がグラスゴーの駅から会場に向かっていた。(下の写真が無料の電車に乗る人の列)


Prior to the match, bagpipe played music. Very Scottish!  試合開始に先立ち、スコットランドらしくバグパイプの演奏。


There were many many exciting and disappointing moments! Japan did very very well!  and we WON! Amazing and I am super proud of my country 🙂



By the way, Spain is, of course, one of the best teams in the world and I am happy to see the famous players! It was a long day queueing a lot (especially the queue to the station on the way back was long!) but I am extremely happy for Japan's victory and over all experience of the Olympic football experience. Looking forward to seeing more and more good play of team Japan!

スペインの有名な選手も目の前で見られたし。朝から夜まで1日がかりでくたくたになったオリンピックな1日。(帰りは電車に乗れるまでまるで鈴鹿のF1を思い出す行列) でも行けてよかった 🙂 日本代表、今後も楽しみ!