Lunch in the Sky @ Helsinki


We ate lunch in the Sky! Last Sunday, we had a super exciting lunch experience. Even though we had hoped for sunshine and blue sky, it was cloudy and rainy on the Sunday. But the experience was amazing!!!

Lunch in the sky! (ランチ・イン・ザ・スカイ) 先週の日曜日は空中レストランでランチをいただいた。空中レストランとか天空レストランとかいうのは聞いたことあるけど、これはほんとに空中。屋根と小さな床はあるけど壁はない。というわけで、最初に地上で遊園地のローラーコースターに乗るときのようなシートベルトを係の人にしっかり装着してもらう。

It started with making sure that we were safe with seat belts as if we went for roller coaster in the amusement park. 


And the "restaurant" with 22 guests was lifted to a height of 45 meters from the ground.



Voila! Appetizer and main dish cooked by an established and celebrated chef in Estonia were served with champagne and wine! Honestly, we were not impressed by the appetizer but were really impressed by the main dish, beef tenderloin. (I usually don't eat meat but eat it at special occasions 😉 According to the chef, it was beef from Namibia! How special!!! It was so impressive and a friend and I have talked about it a lot since we came down to the ground (for two days ;-) 



Though I said it was an amazing experience and we had so much fun, if you are afraid of height, probably this is not for you! Looking at my foot trying to take a photo which shows where we were, it was a bit scary for me who usually like height ;-) 

空での食事は大盛り上がり。とても楽しい40分だった。でも自分の足元を見るとこんな感じ。高所恐怖症の方にはお勧めできない(笑 高いところが大好きな私ですら、この写真を撮ろうとしたときはちょっとどきどきだったし。

This restaurant was open in Helsinki only for one week in August this year. I hope it will come to Helsinki again next year and I can have longer dining time in the sky. Duration of the lunch in the sky was only for 40 minutes and we felt it was too short though it was a bit chilly in the cloudy and rainy sky.

このレストラン、ヘルシンキでは8月の1週間だけのオープン。私たちの行った日曜日が最後の日だった。ぜひまた来年ヘルシンキで開催して欲しい。(そう、また行きたいのだ ;-) 上空ではちょっと寒かったけれでこんなに楽しいイベント、40分では短すぎ。次回はディナーでもっと長いこと空中で食事したいと思うのだった。

This even has been held in many different cities of the world and claimed to be unforgettable. I think it is true. It will remain as one of the most exciting events in my life (most likely!, but you never know!!!)! Also I think it would be fun to dine at the restaurant in the sky in some other cities : )

このイベントは世界のいろんなところで開催されていて、”忘れえぬ体験”というようなふれこみなのだが、まさに同感。いろんなところでいろんなおいしいものを頂いている私の人生の中でも思い出に残るランチになること間違いなし(たぶん・・・でももしかしたらもっとすごいランチ体験が待っているかもしれない(笑) そしてできればどこかほかの街で(ロンドンとかイタリアのどこかとか、ニューヨークとか香港とか) Dinner in the Skyしてみたい!