Trakai – Castle and Kibinai (Lithuania)

2012-08-26 12.50.40

I visited Vilnius, Lithuania, last weekend. It was quite a short trip of one night & two days but it is only one-hour flight from Helsinki. I didn't plan to see a lot of sights during such a short trip but wanted to visit Trakai castle located on an island in the Lake Galvė. I saw several pictures of Trakai castle and they looked so beautiful. It is located only 28km away from Vilnius and can be easily reached by bus or train. But I decided to join a tour which is much easier than taking public transport and walk to the castle. I am glad that I took a tour as I could hear a lot about Lithuania's history, economy, food, Trakai and the castle. It was really shocking to hear that average monthly income in the country was only 450€. 

先週末はリトアニアの首都ヴィルニュスに1泊旅行。海外旅行ではあるけれど飛行機でたったの1時間。短い旅行なのでいろんなところに観光に行くつもりはなかったけれど1箇所だけとても行きたいところがあった。ヴィルニュスから28キロ離れた場所にあるトラカイ城。湖に浮かぶ島に位置したその城の様子を写真で見て、ぜひ行ってみたかったのだ。トラカイまではバスや電車で行ってもそんなに遠くないけれど、もっと簡単に行ける現地の半日ツアーに参加。ツアーのよいところは、行き帰りの電車やバスの時間を気にしなくていいということもあるけれど、ガイドからいろいろな話を聞けるのがとても楽しい。トラカイに着くまでの間、リトアニアの経済事情、歴史、食べ物、トラカイとお城について、いろんな話を聞いた。一番驚いたのはリトアニアの平均月収。450€ というのはショックだった。

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Trakai castle was not as big as I expected but it was quite interesting to listen and see the history in each room of the castle. And there were a lot of tourist as I expected. 


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On the way to the castle, the tour guide told us about what we MUST eat when we visit Trakai. It was a pasty called "kibinai". It is almost like cornish pasty but not quite 😉 There were different kind of fillings available but when I asked the waitress, she told me the one with mutton filling was the original. So, I ate the original kibinai. And I also had the "pink soup" which I had read about so many times in the blogs written by Japanese people who visited Lithuania. Of course, "pink soup" is not the name of the soup but only my way of calling the soup 😉 It is cold beetroot soup. And it was cold! I liked both kibinai and the soup a lot. And it was perfect to eat kibinai which was still hot from the kitchen and cold soup. And today, (Monday after the trip) I was thinking of both dishes when I saw the boring menu in our office canteen 😉  


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I googl-ed about kibinai just now and got to know the restaurant I ate kibinai was often mentioned as the best place for kibinai! I had no idea about it but lucky me! I am happy for it : ) It is really easy to find the restaurant, Senoji Kibininė , when you go to Trakai castle. 

ところで、このキビナイを食べたレストラン、実はキビナイならこの店で的なとても人気の店だということを今日発見。キビナイについて詳しい情報を求めてぐぐったところ、一番お薦めのお店らしい。全然知らなかったけど、ラッキー。どおりでおいしかったはず!このお店、トラカイ城の湖をはさんで向かいにあるので見つけるのも簡単。Senoji Kibininė 、もしトラカイに行く機会があったらぜひキビナイをお試しあれ。