Artek & the Cafe with Sophisticated Cake @ Helsinki


2012-09-01 11.56.38

According to the post by Helsinki tourism board (or something like that), autumn began officially yesterday, the 1st of September. In Finnish, September is Syyskuu, autumn month. On such a day, I went to check out Artek pop-up shop & cafe which is open from 31 Aug to 16 Sep at the Argos hall on the 5th floor at Stockmann. They installed 60 stools and made the inpressive object. (the above photo) I liked the colors of the display though they are the colors I wouldn't choose for myself ;-) 

ヘルシンキ観光局のフェイスブックの昨日のポストに今日から正式に秋が始まる・・・なぜなら9月というフィンラン語の単語は”秋(の)月” (月はmoonではなくてmonthという意味で。今気づいたけど、フィンランド語ではどちらの月もkuuだし日本語でもどちらも月。でも英語ではmonnとmonthで違うよね・・・) 秋・・・食欲の秋、芸術の秋、スポーツの秋・・・秋といえばこんな感じ。日本では暑い夏が終わって一呼吸、おいしいフルーツが出回ったり、暑くないから落ち着いて本を読んだり、暑すぎないから運動会もできるし・・・という理由なのかもしれない。まったく私独自の解釈だけど。そんな秋の月の最初の日(ってフリが長すぎ;-)は、夏の最後の日(8月31日、9月1日が秋の最初の日だったら夏の最後の日はその前日だという意味で)に始まって9月16日まで期間限定のArtekのpop-up caféに行ってみた。カフェだけじゃなくてArtekの家具を使ったこんな(上の写真)アートも。芸術の秋と食欲の秋を兼ねた秋の1日目にふさわしいアクティビティ(笑。60個のいすを組み立てて作ったアート。なかなかよい感じ。色もかわいいしね。そのほかにもデザインに凝った製品が、Artekのものかどうかにこだわらず展示されていて、お茶をしたあとにそんな展示物をゆっくり見てみるのもスローな曇り空(そして後に大雨)の土曜日にはしっくりくる感じ。


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Our true purpose of going there was not about the furniture or art. We wanted to check out the cafe! (We love cafe, don't we?!) A friend had mascarpone cake with strawberries and I had chocolate moose with berries. They both looked lovely and sophisticated as well as all other kinds of cake. The portion was also sophisticated which means kind of small but good for our small stomachs 😉 They were not only good-looking but also sophisticated-ly delicious!  

さて、肝心のカフェ。やはりいすのオブジェより素敵だった(笑 こんな素敵なケーキフィンランドで見たことあったっけ?と思うくらい上品なケーキ。(あるかもしれないけど、そんなにめったにないので、ないという気分に。)そして味も期待を裏切らないおいしさ。友達はマスカルポーネといちごのケーキ。ちょっとだけ味見させてもらったが、めちゃ美味。

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My chocolate moose had a solid chocolate outer layer and inside, it had soft and smooth moose! Melting and blissful : ) It was served with berries which makes the serving very Finnish!


Unfortunately, they served coffee in a French press. I prefer filter coffee and didn't enjoy their coffee though it felt really minor issue when cakes were fantastic 😉 Still, I think I would have tea instead of coffee next time to maximise blissful feeling a the cafe 😉 If you were in Helsinki, I would say it's worth checking out this cafe (I mean the cakes ;-)!

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Artek was founded by famous artists including Alver Aalto in 1953. In my opinion, their furniture is simple, functional, excellent in design and somewhat artistic. However, it's quite pricey and I wonder why each piece has to cost that much. I think it's because of their fame and somewhat for part of being artistic. This is just my opinion and others may understand the price for the quality of the furniture.  


There isn't much but some information about the cafe at their Facebook page.