Sushi at “Domo” in Helsinki


今日のディナーの場所を決めるときに "Domo" に行ってみない?と日本人の友達にメッセージを送ったら、"なにそれ、ジョーク?” と返された。そんな店名の日本料理の店、Domo。 ヘルシンキでは老舗のうちの1つでわたしもよく行く日本食の店“古都”が移転したあとを中国人のオーナーが買い取って始めたと聞いていた店。日本人の経営じゃない日本食屋・・・どうなんだろうかと思ったけど、日本に住んでいたことのある外人友達何人かからおいしかったと聞いたのでトライして見ることにした。(外人友達ってここではわたしも外人だけど、日本人じゃないという意味で外人って書いてみた) 

"Domo" is a Japanese word to express gratitude. IT's an adverb that literally means indeed or very much but can be understood as thank you. When we say "Domo arigato", it means "Thank you very much" but "domo" could be also "thank you". It is short and easy, thus we often use it. 

Today, a friend and I went to Japanese restaurant Domoin Helsinki recommended by a couple of my non-Japanese friends who used to live in Japan. I trust their recommendation as they know genuine Japanese taste and really love Japanese food.


As I always do at Japanese restaurants in other countries than Japan, I tried sushi at Domo. They were presented very well and tasted good! Rice was seasoned with enough vinegar (it is often missing at Japanese restaurants outside of Japan!!!) and tasted very Japanese. The combination of such rice and fish, especially with eel, was quite nice. And white fish, siika, was quite tasty! 



I usually order sushi set which has good variety and is cheaper than ordering a la cart. But they didn't have it and it was a bit pricey to have variety of sushi. But the Japanese staff told me they have sushi set at lunch time and I would like to try it some time soon.  


They have many different kinds of Japanese dishes in the menu and I would like to try those as well. 

And my friend's recommendation was right 🙂