Awesome Sushi Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria



I ate sushi in Helsinki yesterday. And I ate sushi in Sofia today! I got up at 3am, walked in the heavy rain for twenty minutes to get to the station to catch a bus to Helsinki airport. My flight left Helsinki at 6:35am and arrived at Sofia at 12:30pm via Munich. Hotel staff came to pick me up at the airport. He told me he had been to Japan and enjoyed it a lot! We talked about Tokyo on the way to the hotel though he was originally trying to show and tell me about Sofia 😉 Anyhow, a long morning, I got totally tired by the time I got to the hotel. So, I decided to have a low-key day. 

Main activity on such a low-key day was to try sushi in Sofia as I do whenever I travel. A Bulgarian friend who used to live in Tokyo strongly recommended the restaurant, Sasa. And of course, I trusted such a recommendation! And she was right!!! Their sushi was awesome as well asl the yuzu prawn appetizer I chose as the photo in the menu lookes super. It tasted as super as the photo. Bliss:)
All of the sushi was delicious but among them, fatty salmon was special. It was served with a little bit sweeter soy sauce and grated Japanese radish. The harmony of those were great and I liked it a lot!
In addition to the lovely food, the restaurant had a nice view of Sofia from the 18th floor. Also their customer service was as good as we have in Japan 🙂 Funny to talk this much about Japanese restaurant on my first day in Sofia but it was such as day. Tomorrow, I will go to some famous sights and experience more Bulgalia!