Twenty-Eight Hours in Munich


On the way back from Belgrade, I stopped over at Munich and spent 28 hours. The captain on the flight from Belgrade told us it was snowing and freezing-point temperature in Munich and I got excited about it (I like snow!). When we arrived at the Munich airport, it was very snowy and windy, OMG! I chatted with the guy sitting next to me about the weather and he told me he didn't have any coat as he didn't expect such weather at all on his way back to Brussels and I told him I was prepared as I live in Finland 😉 Anyway, next morning, I was delighted to see snow covered trees, buildings and ground. Beautiful! Also we had one extra hour to sleep in as the time changed on that Sunday from summer time to winter time (winter time is not the right word as winter time is just ordinary time but we call it "winter time" or is it only me who says so? ;-) 

ベオグラードの帰りに立ち寄ったミュンヘンでは28時間の滞在。ベオグラードからミュンヘンに向かう機内のアナウンスでミュンヘンの天気は雪、ちょうど0℃くらいというのを聞いてひそかに盛り上がる私。雪が好きなのだ ;-) 隣に座っていたベルギー人は、コートをもっていないとあせっていたが、私はもちろん準備万端。なんてたってフィンランドに住んでるからいつでも寒い気候に対応できるような準備ができてる(笑。実際ミュンヘンの空港に着陸するとそこは大雪、っていうか風が強くてまるで吹雪。こんなんじゃなくても、って思うくらい。とにかくそんな雪が積もって翌朝は窓の外にとても素敵な風景が・・・建物も来も地面もすべて白い雪で覆われて、とてもマジカル。しかもこの日は夏時間から冬時間に変わる日だったので1時間余分に眠れたし・・・(ちなみに冬時間というのはあまり正しくない言い方。冬時間が普通の時間で夏時間が特別なのだ。が、冬時間って使うことも多いような・・・って私だけ?)



Breakfast at Frenzy added more fun to the morning. They have a lot of choices in the breakfast menu and  I had gone through the menu before I went to Munich. (I don't understand German and needed to be prepared to maximize the breakfast joy!) I chose pancakes with cinnamon, maple syrup and plenty of fruits and yogurt with (again) plenty of fruits. It was presented lovely and tasted nice 🙂 I loved the breakfast 🙂 Not only the food but also I liked the interior decoration of the cafe, especially the flower wall paper which I forgot to take a picture of as I was too excited about breakfast to document other things! The cafe was all the time full and more people were coming in while we were there. And most people including us seem to have made table reservations. If you had a chance to have breakfast on weekends whatever weather would be, try Frenzy! They offer breakfast only on weekends.

そんな素敵な雪の朝をさらに素敵にしてくれたのがFrenzy ã€‚ここで朝ごはん。種類の豊富なメニューはもちろんドイツ語。というわけで事前に予習をしていった私(笑。(食べるときにはいつも真剣。グルメなのだ!) シナモンパンケーキにメイプルシロップとフルーツ。そしてさらにフルーツ入りのヨーグルトを注文。どちらもほんとにフルーツたっぷりでとても素敵な盛り付け。とってもおいしかった。素敵だったのは食べ物だけじゃない。店内のインテリア、とくにお花模様の壁紙がとってもラブリー。パンケーキで盛り上がりすぎて写真を撮るのを忘れてしまったけれど・・・。もしミュンヘンに立ち寄る機会があればぜひチェックしてみてください。朝ごはんは週末のみ。


After breakfast, we went to visit The Nymphenburg Palace. Everything was white and it was really really lovely! It was really cold though 😉 This was my first snow of the season as I missed it in Helsinki which had snow a couple of days earlier than Munich. I was in Belgrade with a lot of sunshine on the day, which wasn't bad either 😉

素敵なブレックファストの後はNymphenburg Palaceでお散歩。シティセンターに近いところにこんなお城と公園が。こういうところがミュンヘンのよいところだったりする。すべて白く染まったその風景はほんとにほんとに素敵だった。写真もたくさん撮ったし。でも超寒かった・・・なにはともあれ、これが私にとって今シーズンの初雪。この2-3日前にヘルシンキでも雪が降ったのだが、その日は暖かく晴れたベオグラードにいたので雪で盛り上がるヘルシンキの友達に遅れをとってしまった。って、そんな青空の下にいるのも楽しかったけどね。

One of good things about Munich is such lovely places are located close to the city center. You could easily access to the Nymphenburg Palace by tram or bus from the city center.