Last Week, I Ate, Ate, and Ate – @Helsinki


In very very snowy Helsinki, last week was really a gourmet week for me. 


On Wednesday, I went to Wagococoro to enjoy the best sushi in Helsinki (and Finland!). I loved eel with mayonnaise the best among all the yummy sushi fish. I was simply wondering why sushi taste so good… and decided sushi is the best thing Japan ever invented. Oh, I also decided to eat at Wagocoro once a week ;-) 



After having sushi, we went to Kawa cafe for coffee and dessert. Though we wished they have had pulla which the owner's mum baked, we were told the "mum" was too busy to bake nowadays. Then we noticed freshly bake chocolate cake just coming out from the oven. Even though I don't usually eat chocolate cake as it is often too sweet, my instinct told me this chocolate cake was superb! So, I followed my instinct and it was right!!! Though it wasn't small portion after sushi lunch, I managed to finish it… (I had to skip dinner, of course!!! and I didn't have breakfast next morning) So, did a friend who usually don't choose to eat chocolate cake either 😉 The cake wasn't too sweet and it was aerial. Nuts went very well with the chocolate 🙂

お寿司の後はお茶。 Kawa cafeに向かう。お寿司を食べたあとはなんだかプッラが食べたくなるのだ。カフェのオーナーのお母さんが作るプッラがないだろうか・・・と期待していたのだが、最近お母さんは忙しすぎてプッラを作ってる時間がないとか・・・でもオーブンから出てきたてのチョコレートケーキが。普段はチョコレートケーキは避けるのだが(甘すぎて食べられない)、このケーキ、とてもおいしい予感が・・・そんな予感はとってもあたっていて、全然重くない食感、全然甘すぎないし、ナッツとチョコレートのコンビネーションがぴったり・・・実は同じくチョコレートケーキは好みじゃないという一緒に行った友達もこのチョコレートケーキを思わず頼んでしまったのだ。二人とも完食。おいしくて残せなかったのだ。でも、その後はお腹が張り裂けそうになり、もちろん夕飯はパス・・・翌日もあまりご飯を食べなかった(笑。


I have totally forgot I had desset with coffee on Thursday evening until now when I was looking at my photos I too last week. But I did have petit desset at Patisserie Teemu & Markus. I now remember that I intended to have only coffee but when I saw the lovely desset, I couldn't resist 😉 Well the portion was small!

さっき写真を見るまで忘れていたのだが、木曜日にもスイーツをいただいていたことを思い出した。コーヒーだけのつもりが、Teemu & Markusで素敵なプレゼンのスイーツを見たら頼まずにいられなかった(笑。でもこれはプチサイズ・・・デザートはこのくらいのサイズがちょうどいいわね。


On Friday, friends and I had dinner at Hoku. It was my second time to go there. The previous time, I wasn't that much impressed by their food but this time, I was very impressed! And all friends there liked what they got 🙂 I really really liked the appetizer, salmon tataki (seared salmon) served with tofu, friend sweet onion and ponzu dressing. I had kuha fish stuffed with snow crab, prawn, lup cheong (sweet Chinese sausage), steamed, and served with a tomato-lemon beurre blanc. It was the best dishe of kuha fish I have ever had in Finland and other who had the same dish agreed with me. (photos are out of focus but hope you can see how they were like 😉

金曜日は Hoku で友達とディナー。このお店に行くのは2回目。1回目はまあ普通においしいお店という印象だったのだが、今回はとてもおいしいお店だと思った。一緒に行ったみんなも大満足だったし。特に前菜でいただいたサーモンのたたきがおいしかった。おいしいサーモンとたたきの下に敷かれたお豆腐とカリカリに揚げられたスイートオニオンとポン酢ドレッシング、大満足。メインにはクハという魚をいただいた。カニ、エビ、中国のソーセージの詰め物がされたクハ。フィンランドの魚料理でよく登場するクハだが、いつもそれほどおいしいとは思わなかった。が、このお料理はとても美味。同じ料理を食べていた友達たちも同じ意見。そしてまたまたお腹がいっぱいすぎ。さすがに食べ切れなかった・・・(写真は手振れしていますが、雰囲気だけども見てもらえると思います。)



And and and… yesterday, I went to have brunch at fleuriste. Everything was perfect there as usual except I had to go for a walk for a while as all the table were occupied when I went there just after 12 o'clock. And the cheesecake with lingonberries included in the brunch was so so so perfect! (again, I was too full to eat dinner… and skipped it…)

そして昨日はfleuristeでブランチを。いつもながらすべてが素敵なこのカフェ。12時過ぎにお店に行くと店内は超満員・・・ということでしばらく散歩に出てテーブルが空くまで時間をつぶさなければならなかった。ブランチはいつものように美味、なかでもリンゴンベリーのチーズケーキは絶品。チーズケーキの甘さとベリーの酸っぱさが最高のマッチ。 そしてまたまた超満腹になりディナーはパス・・・


I don't know what made me eat so much, especially sweets, last week. My stomach is tired now and I am trying to have moderate and healthier diet.