Italy is Tasty :)

I may not need to say it loud here as I understand millions of people have already said it. But let me say it once again, Italy is absolutely one of the best destinations for great food! 



I spent three nights and four days skiing at Dolomiti in the north of Italy. The mountains were beautiful and skiing was fun (mostly! except the time I had difficulty in skiing with almost no visibility with a lot of snow falling!) but what I enjoyed the most and miss back in Helsinki is food I had there. (apart from friends I went skiing together ;-) 

クリスマス休暇中、3泊4日をイタリアのドロミテでスキーをして過ごした。雪に覆われた山は美しく、スキーも楽しかった(一部の苦難のときを除いては・・・;-) のだがヘルシンキに戻ってきてまた山に戻りたいと思っている理由はスキーでも山でもなくイタリアで食べた食事だったりするのだ! 


I don't remember that many great dishes I had in Rome, Venice and Milan but have observation that food is great in Italian mountains. At the hotels and mountain huts, they usually offer hal-board and it is inexpensive at all. At the first hotel we stayed at Arraba, each of us paid only 45€ per night including dinner(three course meal + salad buffet and petite appetizer) and breakfast. And at the lovely lovely mountain hut, it was 75€ in the private room (most rooms are shared rooms and private rooms are special!) and it included three course dinner and breakfast. 



The dishes in the photos are only part of what we ate at Dolomiti and I admit, many times, I couldn't finish the meal as it was plenty and my tummy is not big enough. I wasn't worried about gaining weight having such lovely food but wish my tummy have been much bigger! 



I miss pasta and hot chocolate which is not super sweet but tasty particulary. I was trying to find a cafe which serves similar hot chocolate to it in Helsinki but haven't had any luck yet. It is usually super sweet and I feel I am going to have a headache. Maybe I have to wait until I go to the mountains in Italy ,-)

ヘルシンキに戻ってきてからはパスタとホットチョコレートが恋しくて・・・ホットチョコレートに関しては山で飲んだのと同じくらいおいしいものを探して毎日カフェに出かけて試しているのだが・・・今のところヒットなし・・・だいたいがひたすら甘すぎるのだ。あぁ また山に戻りたいと思う日々なのだ・・・(笑。