Heartwarming Lunch on the Cold Day – Leib Resto ja Aed @ Tallinn

When it’s cold, sky is super clear. The sun was rising when we were leaving Helsinki for Tallinn.

It was one of the coldest mornings when a friend and I left the West Harbor of Helsinki for Tallinn, Estonia. I saw many Facebook posts which told me temperature went down lower than -20 degrees. (Luckily, the lowest temperature I saw was -17 degrees 😉


We wanted to go shopping in Tallinn and the cold weather didn’t bother us as much as it would have if we had gone for sightseeing. We managed to go to one of the big shopping malls in Tallinn by the free shuttle bus from the port and happily finished shopping by the time we planned to do so.


The agenda after shopping was lunch at the restaurant where I had planned to go last summer but couldn’t. When I read about the restaurant at some tourist information web page, I had good feeling about the Leib Resto ja Aed. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed it was introduced in Japanese magazine.

買い物のあとは遅めのランチ。去年の夏に行こうとして予約までしたのにいけなかったレストラン、Leib Resto ja Aed。去年タリンに行くときにサーチしてなんだかピンと来たのがこの店だった。さらに、今年になって日本の雑誌でも紹介されていたのだが。

Wintery pumpkin dish, 7€

Dining experience at Leib Resto ja Aed was dreamy and heart-warming. Great selection in the menu, lovely presentation and great taste, and good service. The restaurant staffs were friendly, yet polite. And it wasn’t expensive (of course, it depends on where you compare it with but we wouldn’t get this quality at this price in Helsinki)


After having appetizer, beef tartare,  I had wintery pumpkin dish as a main course. It was one of the best veggie main dishes I’ve ever had. The harmony of the tastes of roasted pumpkin with pumpkin cream and cottage cheese was perfect.


Wintery chocolate dessert 5.00 EUR

Dessert was as amazing as we stopped talking. We were just smiley and enjoying the moment of bliss. I don’t think I need to explain more about it but am hoping the photos tells you much more than my words 😉

デザートは・・・ああ、もう・・・なんて言ったら・・・ほんと至福の一品。(友達のデザートも少し試食されてもらったので二品だが・・・;-) あれこれお説明するより、写真を見てもらったほうがよいと思われる。こんなデザートを食べてる間は友達と私、話すのもやめてただそのおいしさと幸せに浸ってみた ;-)

Crème brûlée with black bread 4.00 EUR

After lunch, we walked a bit in the old town stopping by some small shops  and headed to the harbour to catch the ferry to go home in Helsinki. All the way home, we were talking about how lovely day we had in Tallinn. Shopping and lovely meal! Girls day in Tallinn was successful!