Great Italiano @ Helsinki /Ravintola Nerone

I felt like eating pasta for lunch. I thought about great pasta dishes I had in Italy a month ago. I thought about where I could have the best pasta in the town (i.e. Helsinki). Then I remembered two Italian restaurants an Italian classmate at Finnish language course recommended some time ago. Both of them are in my neighborhood, Punavuori 🙂 And I hadn’t been either of them. So, I went to one of them, Ravintola Nerone today.

今日のランチはパスタな気分。1ヶ月前にイタリアで食べたおいしいパスタの数々の思い出にいまだに浸っている私(笑。ヘルシンキで一番おいしいパスタが食べれる店はどこだろうか・・・と思いを巡らす。そういえば、フィンランド語のクラスで一緒だったイタリア人に”本物のイタリアの味に一番近いイタリアンを食べれる店はどこか”と聞いたときに教えてもらった店が2件あった。その2件はどちらもうちの近所。だったら今日行けばいい!・・・ということで早速Ravintola Neronに向かう。


I had passed in front of the restaurant many times before but, honestly, never had thought it was such a great restaurant but thought it was a Finnish pub with Italian name. (and there is a pub next to the restaurant…) But when I opened the door, it was packed with people enjoying pizza, pasta and other lunch plates! It looked absolutely promising 🙂


Looking at the menu carefully, I chose penne with gamberi (shrimps) and gorgonzola cheese sauce. Plenty of penne served with bread… It tasted great! I don’t know how to describe the taste but it was balanced well. It tasted “comfortable” (I know “comfortable” is usually not a word to describe the taste but I would like to express the taste with it) . I also appreciated bread with penne. I always crave bread when I eat pasta.



A friend enjoyed yummy pizza Napoletana . “We are proud to serve one of the best pizza in Helsinki”, Nerone says in the web page. I will try their pizza next time. (I will most likely have Margerita had a belief Pizza Margerita could tell quality of pizza at each restaurant 😉 )

一緒に行った友達はピザナポレターナをおいしく食す。 “We are proud to serve one of the best pizza in Helsinki” (ヘルシンキで一番おいしいピザを出しています) と、お店のweb pageに書いてあるこの店。今日は行く前からパスタ気分であったのだが、次回は私もピザを食べたい(そしてピザなら絶対マルゲリータ。店のピザの味を確かめるならマルゲリータとなぜか思っている私。;-))

It might be difficult to notice nice interior decoration at Nerone when it is packed with people. It was really packed today!

By the way, I liked Nerone for the inexpensive prices as well as the tasty food. As to lunch, It’s only slightly more expensive than canteen of the company I used to work 😉 Even dinner menu is inexpensive.



After having such lovely lunch, we had cappuccino at Kaffecentralen which is located on the same street as Nerone and serves one of the best coffee in Helsinki. Highly satisfying lunch break, it was!

そんなおいしいランチの後は、同じ通りにあるKaffecentralenへ。いつ行っても期待を裏切らないおいしいコーヒーを出すこのお店でスムースでしっかりした味のカプチーノをいただく。家の近所でなんとも満足なランチタイムであった 🙂