Heavenly Brunch @ Mille Mozzarelle


“Could Helsinki be one of the best places for brunch in the world?”,  I wondered this morning while  I was having brunch at Mille Mozzarelle in my neighborhood. Mille Mozzarelle used to be a small Italian grocery shop on the other street in Punavuori, Helsinki. They moved to the street in the same neighborhood and opened a restaurant+shop next to my favorite German bakery.

ヘルシンキはブランチ事情はなかなかイケてるのではないかと思い始めた今日この頃。今朝近所のMille Mozzarelleでブランチを食べながら やっぱりヘルシンキは素敵なブランチタウンなのかもしれないと思った。このお店ちょっと前までは同じ界隈の別の通りにあるイタリア食料品店だった。去年の11月ごろ同じエリアの違う通りに引っ越して私のお気に入りのドイツのパン屋の隣にレストラン+食料品店を開いた。


The brunch started with a glass of juice (either mango orange juice or mango pineapple juice) followed by beautiful bruschette (picture at the top)! At least two different kinds of hams and different kinds of paste on the crispy bread. It made us all smiley!!! Two of us (five in total) usually choose vegetarian, but today, both chose non-veggie (i.e. original) brunch. When we saw such gorgeous-looking Italian hams at the show window (fridge), it looked absolutely right thing to do not to choose vegetarian! When we had bruschette generously topped with tasty hams, we all agreed the choice was right 🙂



The main dish brought us further joy!  Hams, mozzarella cheese (a big piece behind salad!), and another three pieces of cheese, a slice of melon, grapes, sausage with salad and focaccia. Yogurt was served together with the main dish.



The finale of the brunch was lovely dessert! Dolce (dessert) is very very important when it comes to Italian. I have a firm belief, “I have to eat dolce if I eat Italian! Italian meal. Without dolce, I can’t say I ate Italian”. 😉  (Hope Italian friends agree with me 🙂 ) After main dish, my tummy was totally full. But!, when I saw such lovely dolce, suddenly my tummy made good enough space for it 🙂 Balance of sweetness of the cream and sourness of the blueberries of dolce gave us great satisfaction!

そして締めはもちろんデザート!イタリア料理でドルチェ(デザート)はとっても重要。”ドルチェを食べなければイタリアンを食べたとは言えない”という固い信念を持つ私。イタリア人の友達もきっと同意してくれるとおもうのだが・・・(笑。 メインを食べ終えた時点でお腹が超いっぱいでもう食べられない気分だったのだが、そのかわいらしいデザートが出てくるとやる気満々。ブルーベリーの甘酸っぱさとクリームの甘さが見事に調和したその大きすぎないデザートでゴージャスなブランチを締めくくった。


One more addition to the best brunch places in Helsinki! Brunch is one of the major activities you should consider on weekends 🙂

素敵ブランチスポットにまたまた一軒追加。ブランチはヘルシンキで流行の週末のアクティビティと言ってもいいのではないだろうか・・・ ぜひ皆様もお楽しみあれ 🙂

Mille Mozzarelle serves brunch (17€)on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm. Table reservation is strongly recommended!

Mille Mozzarelle のブランチ(17€)は土曜日と日曜日の11am から 3pmまで。混みあうので予約を!

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