Morning Coffee & Laskiaispulla @ Kannistonleipomo

“Kannistonleipomo” is the best bakery in Finland, in my opinion. Their bread and pulla are the best! Luckily, again, I live only 5-min walk away from Kanniston in Punavuori and their bread is always on my table for breakfast.



This morning, I went to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread and have a coffee & laskiaispulla which I wrote about yesterday. I like their laskiaispulla the best among the ones I have eaten so far. (read my old post Laskiaispulla – It’s Shrove Tuesday for my research on laskiaispulla last year 🙂 Those pullas were lovely in their show windows!

今朝は、パンを買うだけじゃなくてシーズンもののlaskiaispullaとコーヒーをイートインコーナーでいただいた。モーニングコーヒータイム。laskiaispullaはこのシーズンどこのカフェでもパン屋でもスーパーでも売っているのだが私はカンニストのものが一番好き。何につけてもこの店、クオリティが高いのだ。それでいて値段は普通、というかほかの店より安いことが多い。本当に普通のパン屋なのだ。が、ほんとうにおいしいものを作っている。(ちなみに昨年どこのプッラがおいしのかということを書いているのでご参考に。Laskiaispulla – It’s Shrove Tuesday) ショーウィンドーに飾られたプッラもとてもキュート。


Kannistonleipomo is not exactly a cafe but a bakery with a couple of tables and some chairs for the customer who would liked to have coffee and pulla or sandwiches (or just a cup of coffee) in the shop. I like the time I spend there with coffee and pulla. Pulla is yummy (any pulla you choose at Kanniston!) and coffee is organic (no choice but only organic!) Customers are mostly from Punavuori neighborhood (according to my observation).  I like such a local bakery of mine 🙂 (They have two other branches in Helsinki city center.)