Twisted Street Kitchen opened YESTERDAY!!!

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Ever since I’d heard about the plan to open Thai restaurant next to my favorite Kawa cafe, I have been waiting for the opening. A friend asked me we we could go for lunch today at the beginning of the week and I wondered if the Thai restaurant was going to open SOON. Just yesterday, I noticed the post by Kawa cafe that the Twisted Street Kitchen, the much waited Thai restaurant, was opened!!! Hurray 🙂

お気に入りの場所 Kawa cafeが隣にテイクアウトがメインのタイ料理屋を開くと聞いてからオープンの日を待ち望んでいた店。週の初めに友達からランチのお誘いがあり、どこにしようかと話していたのだが、もしやそのタイ料理屋がいいタイミングでオープンしないだろうか・・・と思っていた矢先 (願いは通じるもの ;-)), Facebookでオープンのお知らせが!昨日オープンしたばかりのTwisted Street Kitchen、今日早速友達とランチに行ってきた。


So, we went to the sister restaurant of Kawa cafe, “Twisted Street Kitchen,”  which serves Thai food mainly for take away but has three tables for the customers who want to eat at the restaurant. Both friends and I had their signature dish, Mussamam curry, which was not hot spicy though it was seasoned with different spices. It was creamy and mild and went very well with the spicy Thai salad,“som tam“(papaya salad), Carita, the chef, told us that she lived in Thailand having a Thai roommate. She liked food there and learnt how to cook them!



The Twisted Street Kitchen reminded me of Tokyo. To me, it looked like one of the popular Asian restaurants girls wold love to go in Tokyo. I liked to be eating at the restaurant which interior decoration is simple and nice in the same way as in Kawa cafe 🙂

お店の雰囲気は、なんだか東京を思い出す感じ。表参道とか下北沢とかにあって女子に人気が出そうなシンプルで素敵なインテリア。そしておしゃれに盛りつかられたタイ料理。Kawa cafe の姉妹店だけあっていつもKawa cafeで感じる心地のよさをこのレストランでも感じたのだった。