Which One Did You Like the BEST?/Laskiaispulla 2013


Cafe Akvamarine


Huvilan Kahvila


Kawa cafe
cafebar Luomus

In the Facebook,  I saw a lot of posts and discussions about laskiaispulla mostly by Japanese friends living in Finland recently. Somewhat, laskiaispulla seems to be popular among us, Japanese :) I had pulla at five different cafes this year.  Which was the best? I can’t really say. All of them were different and good. I often wish there were more choices for many things when I go shopping in Finland. When it comes to laskiaispulla, however, there are a lot of  choices. Nice, isn’t it? :) (BTW, cream in between buns are not that sweet. I think that is the reason why I like it so much and can eat it four days in a row 😉