A Tea House for (Serious) Tea Lovers – The Ounce @ Helsinki

World map on the wall reminded me of the Age of Exploration

I pass in front of this shop almost everyday and wanted to go there for tea. But I hadn’t visited there till this evening. Entering the tea house, The Ounce, I saw (maybe) one of the best collection of tea in Helsinki. Passing in front of the shelves of tea jars, I found a small tea room with three tables (one of them was really small table with a sofa.)

ほとんど毎日前を通るそのお茶専門店 The Ounce、相当長いこと一度入ってみようと思っていたのだが、なんだかなかなか機会がなかった。お店に入るとヘルシンキではヘルシンキでも1,2を争うのではないかと思われるお茶の品揃え。所狭しと棚に並ぶお茶のジャー。その棚の前を通り過ぎて奥に進むと3つしかテーブルのないとても小さなティールームがあるのだった。



After taking off the coat, I went back to the counter in front of the shelves to choose tea. I consulted the person at the counter and chose the one which goes well with milk. They gave me two choices, Assam and something else.. I forgot what it was but chose the one which wasn’t Assam as I often chose Assam when I drink tea and wanted to try something else. In the very very cozy tea room, tea was served nicely 🙂



It tasted very nice, neither too strong nor too weak. It went well with milk, of course 🙂



I liked the early Tuesday evening I spent having lovely tea and a biscuit at The Ounce.Their tea and the small tea room with warm atmosphere made me feel relaxed and calm.  


They serve not only black tea but also all different kinds of tea from different part of the world. If you are a serious tea lover (or you like tea, anyways 😉 , I recommend you to check out  The Ounce,

The Ounceは紅茶だけでなく世界各国から輸入されたいろんな種類のお茶を扱う専門店。お茶を極めたい人・・・とまでいかなくても、お茶好きの人にはお薦めのお店。