If you want to know what “PASSION” does, visit Qulma @ Helsinki

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Blue sky and sunshine! Weather was gorgeous today in Helsinki. I decided to walk to the restaurant where I planned to have lunch with a friend who told me the restaurant seems to have nice bread. (we love bread!!!) When I went out, I realized it wasn’t such a good idea to walk there. It was cold with strong wind. When I opened the door of Qulma, however, I thought it was a great idea to come there welcomed by the super-friendly owner 🙂

真っ青な空とまぶしい太陽の光・・・。まさにゴージャスな天気の本日のヘルシンキ。ついうっかりだまされて、ランチの約束をしていたレストランにトラムではなく歩いて出かけようと思ったわたくし。家を出て歩き始めて気づいた・・・とっても寒い!風が超冷たいのだった。でも、これからどこのトラム停に向かってもあまり意味のない感じ・・・トラム待つのも寒いし・・・と 歩いて行こうと決めたことを後悔しながらもお目当てのレストラン、Qulmaに向かった。お店のドアを開けると、とてもフレンドリーなオーナーが歓迎ムードたっぷりで声をかけてくれた。寒くてちょっとダウンしてたテンションも復活。なんだかとてもよい予感!


As I felt very cold after walking in the cold weather, I chose soup buffet without the second thought. Especially borsch was appealing originated from the other cold country, Russia and I started with a bowl of borsch out of three different kinds of soup at the buffet.

寒い中を歩いて来たので迷わずスープビュッフェをオーダー (サラダもおいしそうだったけど、寒すぎ)。3種類のスープの中でも特にフィンランドと同じくらい寒いロシアのスープ、ボルシチは魅力的だった。

The borsch with sour cream (my favorite!!!) was delicious!!! Especially, pieces of beef in the soup was nice. One of the best borsch I ever tasted 🙂



I tried the other two different soup, mushroom soup and vegetable soup. Both of them were nice but I so loved the borsch and had another bowl at the end! Four bowls of soup! Even though size of a bowl was small, it was much more than I usually eat. (I have such small tummy! and you would agree with me if you had dined with me 🙂 ) I was really full but I couldn’t help trying over my limit 😉



When we talked with the owner, he told us how passionate he was about food and I could see his passion manifesting through their food and how the restaurant serves the customers. Recently, I feel importance of doing what one is passionate about more and more. It was absolute joy to witness sincere passion at such a lovely restaurant 🙂



Turkish yogurt with sweet mint pesto, fried cinnamon & sugar seeds and chili apricot is one of the outcomes of his culinary exploration. Marc, the owner, told us he tried a lot to find perfect taste in the mint pesto and indeed it was yummy! Not only the pesto but also all of them tasted great! (He also told us the pesto goes with many other food, such as berries!)

ところでこのトルコヨーグルト。Marcオリジナルの スィートミントペスト、フライドシナモンとシュガーシード、そしてチリアプリコットと一緒にいただくのだが、これぞこだわりの一品。彼が試行錯誤の末たどり着いた絶妙な味のミントペストはご自慢の一品である。どのトッピングも全部おいしかったけど。

Linux Master, Linus Torvalds visited Qulma! リナックスのあの人も訪れた!

Qulma seems to have a lot of fans and I am one of the newest fans 🙂 Many celebrities have enjoyed their joyful food. You would find pictures of them on the wall if you visited Qulma. Marc told us those pictures are also his passion : ) Also you find some of them in their Facebook page.(I l already “like”d the page :))

Qulmaのファンはとても多いようで、私も本日すっかりファンになってしまった。政治家やロックスター、フィンランドを代表するあの有名なオタクなどセレブリティも訪れるこのお店。その壁には有名人の写真が所狭しと飾られている。これらの写真もまたMarcのパッションだと彼は語っていた。 もちろんFacebook pageでもその写真の一部が見られる。

Qulma also serves breakfast on weekend and brunch on Saturdays. I, of course, as a brunch lover, would love to have brunch there. Who is coming with me? 😉