Fresh and Healthy Lunch @ Rulla @ Helsinki


I had known about the shop but hadn’t known that they were serving such lovely lunch. When we were talking about going for lunch, I remembered that the friend had mentioned she had been to eat Vietnamese rolls before. So, I said I would like to try it and we went to Rulla today. Their food was fresh and healthy. I liked that we could eat a lot of vegetable, beans and nuts.



At 9.30€, we could choose three different Vietnamese rolls and salad. There were two different kinds of salad you could choose. Both of us chose sweet potato salad. (I chose it as I like it and it is one of the super foods :)) My choices of Vietnamese rolls were salmon+avocado, duck, and spicy shrimp+mango. As soon as we ordered, we said we wouldn’t be able to finish the dishes. Salad was plenty and spring rolls were not that small.




We didn’t find knives and we concluded we had to eat rolls with fingers. I actually had tried to use  two folks to cut the rolls in edible size at first but it didn’t work.The filling came out from the wrap and it didn’t stay as a roll. (would have been the same if I used knife!). Also the wet wipe convinced us it is finger food 🙂


Rulla is small part of an organic shop which not only sells lovely organic cosmetics but also nicely designed clothes and the other cool stuff. We looked at the stuff after having lunch, of course 🙂


For more information check out their FB page ←お店の情報はこちらから