Unexpectedly Cozy Cafe

“Tuesday is the most boring day of the week” was the common opinion between me who is at the moment working as freelance and a friend who is a freelancer. To make Tuesday less boring, we made a plan that I visit her at her home at Vuosaari.


Vuosaari is the east end of Helsinki metro line. For me, it’s quite a remote place though it’s part of Helsinki and many people live there. It’s a residential area with nothing so exciting… had been my understanding untill a friend took me to the lovely waterfront cafe, Kahvila Villa Ullas, in the Ullas park. It looked like a small cottage and I loved appearance of the cafe 🙂


What they had at the counter were pretty much typical Finnish pulla (and some pie and sandwiches), coffee and tea. Very genuine Finnish cafe, which aligned with my feeling of the day! Something special there was the pulla which I hadn’t seen before, Ullas pulla. A friend told me “Ullas” is the name of the cafe. It must be really special only available here. So, we chose it 🙂 We liked the Ullas pulla very much. Berry jam and sour cream topping on the quite ordinary pulla… It was yummy!!!


WP_20131015_007We spent about half an hour till they close the cafe. It felt absolutely peaceful there. Even though weather was gloomy and wind was cold, usually boring Tuesday turned to lovely Tuesday at the lovely cafe 🙂