Perfect Sunday Brunch @ Olipa Kerran


If I remember correctly, it was July when we first planned to go to Olipa Kerran and booked a table for a Sunday morning. A friend sent me a link to a blog which wrote about the lovely brunch at the hotel which is located only 5 min walk from my home. The pictures looked irresistible. I immediately agreed with the brunch friends to go there. But that morning, I had a severe headache and couldn’t leave the bed. Sweets friends decided not to go there without me as they knew how much I had been looking forward to going there.

Some of us were away from the city during summer and we finally got there today! I had been excited about it for a couple of weeks since we booked a table (once again). 

IMG_4961 IMG_4960

The interior decoration, especially colors, was super lovely. One of us said, “even on a cold and snowy day, if you came here, you would feel warm and happy.” And everyone agreed. There was atmosphere which makes us happy.

Of course, it wasn’t only decoration and atmosphere. Selection of food was one of the best I’ve ever had in Helsinki 🙂 Most importantly, they had lovely lovely LOVELY pancakes with maple syrup! (I admit that pancake was one of the most decisive reason why I so wanted to go there 😉  I am crazy for pancakes as much as I wonder if I would choose pancakes or sushi as my last supper 😉 and as much as I eat it everyday when I visit Honolulu, Hawaii or any other cities in the US 😉 Though there are salad, cheese and other salty dishes, I started my brunch with the lovely pancakes.


IMG_4971 IMG_4969

I also loved berry smoothies in tiny glasses. It is very sensible to serve it in a small portion as we could try more variety of dishes when each portion is small 🙂  Bacon, cheese, salad, etc. etc. were also very good. All of us overate with overwhelming joy. (I don’t think I am exaggerating!)  It was a perfect Sunday brunch with great friends.

Olipa Kerran” means “once upon a time” in Finnish. Theme of the decoration is something old. There were some old items in the restaurant.


IMG_4986 IMG_4984