Andante – One More Lovely Cafe in Punavuori


I love and am loyal to the area where I live, i.e. Punavuori, in Helsinki. And I love the fact that there are a lot of lovely cafe and restaurants in the area and I don’t really have to go far (more than 10 min walk 😉 ) to have great lunch, coffee and puddings 🙂 …well, I might be JUST lazy 😉

Five months ago, another lovely cafe was opened very close to my apartment (less than 5 min walk!) and I started to get familiar with the cafe and the staffs. They are friendly and sensible Chinese boys and girls. (Allow me to say so! You look super young and I think you are!!!)

So far, I tried, Match Latte, which impressed me with the lovely green color

The most beautiful Match Latte I have ever seen :)
The most beautiful Match Latte I have ever seen 🙂

And Cinnamon Latte, which they posted in the FB as perfect for today (typical Finnish November weather, I understood!) . I saw their post before heading to the cafe and thought it was an excellent idea to have cinnamon latte.

Not Cafe Latte but Cinnamon Latte
Not Cafe Latte but Cinnamon Latte

Different kinds of cake looked super yummy though I haven’t tried them yet since I have my own rule about eating sugar and flour… So, I just took pictures to enjoy it through lens.


What I like about Andante is that they have variety of warm drink (and smoothies and juice) and  homey feel. I was a bit (actually, a lot!) annoyed by some family with kids speaking super loud for 15-20 min. while I was trying to work there today. But, usually, it’s quiet with good selection of music. WiFi works comfortably 🙂 They also have wide variety of tea selection and I would like to try them some time soon!

Weekend brunch sounded great according to friends who have had it before. Today, I asked them if they would serve breakfast on weekdays and they are thinking of it.

The cafe is combined with a florist’s, actually, the florist’s had been there for quite some time and cafe opened recently. Flowers and cafe, I love the combination!