Absolutely Lovely Ruoka-Kauppa, “mat”

IMG_2845IMG_2850I’m extremely happy about a lovely deli which opened recently in Punavuori!  Ruoka-Kauppa “mat” is an absolutely LOVELY place to have breakfast, lunch or coffee with lovely pastry or pudding!

Look at these pastries and puddings! Though I didn’t eat them when I went there for lunch, (again my non-grain day!), from the looks, I am so sure they would taste super! (You know I have perfect instinct, eyes and nose when it comes to food!)

Even looking at them and now looking at the photos, I feel joyful 🙂

I don’t think there hasn’t been such a perfect deli (I call it deli for now, but am not sure about precise definition besides they call themselves ruoka-kauppa) in Helsinki before.  This is REAL! (and reminds me of London and Paris. YOU KNOW what I mean!)




In addition to the fact lunch salad was nutritious and tasty, I liked the system that price depends on weight of food you take. For those who have smaller stomach than average, including myself, it’s very nice.

I try to have variety of vegetable everyday but it’s not easy to prepare it. But here, you can have it at reasonable price! I am so happy to have “mat” being less than 5-minute walk from my home.

A friend, who I had lunch with on the day, and I have a plan to enjoy one (or maybe a bit more) of these lovey puddings some time soon! We have something to celebrate and mat’s pudding is super appropriate for the occasion, in my opinion 😉