Pink tea pot <3


I hadn’t been to moko market for a while though I had heard that they changed the arrangement and there is more space for KaffaRoastery which is another cafe in the moko market just next to moko market cafe.

近所なのにしばらく行っていなかったmoko market。店のレイアウトが変わり、併設のKaffaRoasteryが広くなったという話を聞いていたのだが・・・。

Today I saw new layout of the moko market and liked it a lot! Moko had been always a lovely place to see all lovely & cute interior decoration items and so on but now it looks more for matured people without losing the cuteness!


I don’t remember how they used to serve tea but, today, my darjeeling tea was served in a pink pot which I liked a lot! It’s maybe a small thing but I felt super happy to see such a lovely pink pot <3 Usually, I drink coffee when I go to cafe but I think I will drink tea at moko (or I will go to moko for the pink tea pot 😉


Where can I find decent Japanese food in Helsinki?

I felt like sushi today. But I was aware of that the best favorite sushi restaurant in the town, Wagocoro, was closed this week. I wondered where I could have decent, not necessarily the best sushi in Helsinki city center. It didn’t have to be sushi but I wanted to have raw fish (sashimi) and rice since I had had heavy meals recently.


There are many many sushi restaurants in Helsinki now but most of them, for me, is not quite right. Often, those chefs never had decent sushi. There was only one place I could think of going today. It was Koto. They have decent variety and decent taste as Japanese restaurant.



So, here’s what I got today at Koto. Salmon is always a good choice in Finland. It’s fatty and tasty. (I love fatty food!)

(色以外)派手さはないものの、やはりフィンランド、脂がのっているサーモンはおいしくて 🙂 今日のお店とメニューのチョイスに間違いはなかったよう。サーモンを選んでおけば、生でも火を加えたものでも、フィンランドでは間違えないね~、という感じ。食べたかったものが食べれて、非常に満足 🙂