Pink tea pot <3


I hadn’t been to moko market for a while though I had heard that they changed the arrangement and there is more space for KaffaRoastery which is another cafe in the moko market just next to moko market cafe.

近所なのにしばらく行っていなかったmoko market。店のレイアウトが変わり、併設のKaffaRoasteryが広くなったという話を聞いていたのだが・・・。

Today I saw new layout of the moko market and liked it a lot! Moko had been always a lovely place to see all lovely & cute interior decoration items and so on but now it looks more for matured people without losing the cuteness!


I don’t remember how they used to serve tea but, today, my darjeeling tea was served in a pink pot which I liked a lot! It’s maybe a small thing but I felt super happy to see such a lovely pink pot <3 Usually, I drink coffee when I go to cafe but I think I will drink tea at moko (or I will go to moko for the pink tea pot 😉