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Unexpectedly Cozy Cafe

“Tuesday is the most boring day of the week” was the common opinion between me who is at the moment working as freelance and a friend who is a freelancer. To make Tuesday less boring, we made a plan that I visit her at her home at Vuosaari.


Vuosaari is the east end of Helsinki metro line. For me, it’s quite a remote place though it’s part of Helsinki and many people live there. It’s a residential area with nothing so exciting… had been my understanding untill a friend took me to the lovely waterfront cafe, Kahvila Villa Ullas, in the Ullas park. It looked like a small cottage and I loved appearance of the cafe 🙂


What they had at the counter were pretty much typical Finnish pulla (and some pie and sandwiches), coffee and tea. Very genuine Finnish cafe, which aligned with my feeling of the day! Something special there was the pulla which I hadn’t seen before, Ullas pulla. A friend told me “Ullas” is the name of the cafe. It must be really special only available here. So, we chose it 🙂 We liked the Ullas pulla very much. Berry jam and sour cream topping on the quite ordinary pulla… It was yummy!!!


WP_20131015_007We spent about half an hour till they close the cafe. It felt absolutely peaceful there. Even though weather was gloomy and wind was cold, usually boring Tuesday turned to lovely Tuesday at the lovely cafe 🙂


Petris Chocolate Room – Such a Lovely Chocolatier in Helsinki



If someone had asked me where the best chocolate shop in Helsinki yesterday, I would have answered it was Fazer. But if I was asked the same question today, the answer would be different. I’m not saying, “forget about Fazer”, as it is a good chocolate maker and gives us comfort with the familiar taste, though.

ヘルシンキで一番おいしいチョコレートショップはどこか?昨日聞かれてたら GeishaチョコでもおなじみのFazer と答えていたと思うのだが、今日をもって私の一番のお薦めはPetrisになった。Fazerももちろんおいしいのでお土産には最適だし、ふと疲れて甘いものが欲しくなったときにはそばにあって欲しいのだが・・・

Some time ago, a friend who reads my blog told me about Petris as a cafe/shop where one could have the best chocolate cake in Finland. But I couldn’t get very enthusiastic about it as I’m not such a chocolate cake fan (mainly because it’s usually as sweet as it could give me a headache!).

ちょっと前にブログを読んでくれている友達からほんとにおいしいチョコレートケーキがあるから絶対行ったほうがいいと薦められたこのお店。チョコレートケーキはたいてい甘すぎて 危うく頭痛すらしそうな感じなのであまり盛り上がらなかった私だった。

Last week, when I was on the tram 3B, I saw lovely lovely cake shop on the street. It looked really lovely!!! I couldn’t help looking for information in the web.


I got to know it was the Petris a friend recommended me. (they have a shop in Fiskars and  on Museokatu but this one on Tehtaankatu has been opened recently!)  I thought I didn’t have to have chocolate cake but a piece of chocolate with a cup of coffee would be nice. So, I went there today.



I have to admit I had chocolate cake 😉 I couldn’t help : ) All of their cakes and chocolates looked so nice and I thought it would be worth giving a try!

ショーウィンドーに並ぶチョコレートやケーキはどれもこれもほんとうにおいしそう :) こんなに素敵ならやっぱりチョコレートケーキを食べてみてみるべきか・・・と思いなおして、お店の人に聞いてみると・・・。このチョコレートケーキはそんなに甘くないし、なんと6種類のチョコレートが層になっていると。そのチョコレートのハーモニーが絶妙という。それならぜひ、と思って食べてみると、ほんとうにその通りだった。フィンランドで食べたことのあるチョコレートケーキはどれもこれもひたすら甘く胃にもたれる重たい感じだったのだが、このケーキは3層のチョコレートムースの下にチョコレートケーキの層があってとても軽い食感。

I told a lady at the counter that I heard about the chocolate cake from a friend but I wasn’t such a big fan of chocolate cake. She told me it had six different kinds of chocolates in one piece of cake and the harmony of all different chocolates was perfect, none of them were too strong. And it was true 🙂 I also liked that texture of the cake was really light (three layers of different kinds of chocolate mousse definitely contribute!)


Such chocolate cake and lovely interior decoration of the shop/cafe reminded me of Tokyo. It’s not a typical Finnish chocolate shop or cafe but more like a chocolate shop in Tokyo, especially, in Aoyama, Daikanyama or Hiroo area..



I also tasted a bit of chocolates and they were yummy! I talked a lot with the lady at the counter while I was the only customer in the shop. She also told me that they don’t use white sugar in their products! I love it as I don’t have white sugar at home trying to stay healthy even though I eat some sweets at times. (you may think I’m eating sweets everyday reading my blog, but I am not ;-)) She also told me she was happy to work there as all customers were happy when they taste Petris’ chocolate and cakes.



Next time which will be not too far, I think I will have cupcakes!!!


Petris Chocolate Room Facebook page

Best Voisilmäpulla?! Most Likely!!


It’s hard to believe it has been two weeks since I encountered most-likely-the-best voisilmäpulla in the town. (Maybe, subconsciously, I wanted to keep it secret 😉 ) It was another snowy day in the middle of March. I stupidly decided to walk from home to the cafe, Cafe & Eepos. It wasn’t only cold and snowy but also, as often it is, it was windy! I got totally frozen, once again, after walking for 30 minutes or so, but was happy to find voisilmäpulla in the cafe. Voisilmäpulla has been my most favorite pullas since I got to know about it. voi = butter and silmä = eye. Pulla (bun) with butter eye! In the middle of the pulla, there is butter eye covered with sugar. That is voisilmäpulla in short.

ヘルシンキで一番おいしいと思われるvoisilmäpulla(ヴォイシルマプッラ)を食べてから2週間。なんで今までブログに書かなかったのかは謎である・・・が、無意識に秘密にしたかったのかもしれない(笑。とにかく、そのおいしいプッラをいただいたCafe & Eepoに行ったのは相変わらず雪の降る3月の中旬・・・雪が降って寒いだけでなく風も強くてさらに寒い日の午後だった。そんな寒いのに家から歩いてカフェまで行こうと決めて途中まで歩いて後悔した私。だが、もう今さらバスに乗ってもという距離までがんばったのでそのまま歩いてカフェに到着。またまた体が凍るように冷たくなっていた。が、店で大好きなヴォイシルマプッラを発見。ちょっと復活。ヴォイシルマップラは初めて食べてからプッラのなかでも一番のお気に入り。あったら絶対食べるくらい。voi = バター、 silmä = 目。バターでできた目のついたプッラ。しかもそのバターの目の上にはたっぷりの砂糖がかかっている。簡単に言うとそれがヴォイシルマプッラなのだ。


I had been to this cafe before but haven’t known they had such perfect voisilmäpulla (for me, of course!) The texture of the voisilmäpulla I had at the Eepos was totally different from any other ones I had ever tasted. Oh, even before that, it looked different from typical voisilmäpulla shape. I wondered if it was really voisilmäpulla though it was named “voisilmä”. Shape doesn’t really matter anyway. It tasted great with the heavier texture of the bun than other typical pulla. It didn’t taste as sugary as other voisilmäpulla. It was, for me, just so perfect!!!


IMG_3091Luckily, snow season seems to have been over (hopefully, it is not only my optimistic observation..). On the sunny Easter Sunday, I started to crave voisilmäpulla of Cafe & Eepos! Maybe some time this week, I’ll go there and have it 😉

さてさて、まだとても寒いながらそんな雪のシーズンもようやく一段落したようで(ってほんとにもう降らないんでしょうね!)、青空のイースターサンデー。突然Cafe & Eeposのヴォイシルマプッラが食べたい衝動に駆られたのだった・・・仕方ないから今週行こう!

Information about the cafe:

Which One Did You Like the BEST?/Laskiaispulla 2013


Cafe Akvamarine


Huvilan Kahvila


Kawa cafe
cafebar Luomus

In the Facebook,  I saw a lot of posts and discussions about laskiaispulla mostly by Japanese friends living in Finland recently. Somewhat, laskiaispulla seems to be popular among us, Japanese :) I had pulla at five different cafes this year.  Which was the best? I can’t really say. All of them were different and good. I often wish there were more choices for many things when I go shopping in Finland. When it comes to laskiaispulla, however, there are a lot of  choices. Nice, isn’t it? :) (BTW, cream in between buns are not that sweet. I think that is the reason why I like it so much and can eat it four days in a row 😉




Cuppa with Laskiaispulla @ The Design Museum Helsinki on Shrove Sunday


It was very very relaxing Sunday without any big plans today. I had laid-back coffee time with a friend the cafebar Luomus at the Design Museum which is located only 5-minute walk from my flat.



It’s a season for laskiaispulla. This morning, I noticed I haven’t eaten the Finnish cardamon-spiced bun for Shrove days yet this year. Laskiaispulla is one of my most favorite food in Finland and every year, I try to eat it as much as possible during the season as they are available only during the season. (please read my old posts to get to know more about laskiaispulla. Links at the bottom)

今は laskiaispullaのシーズン。私の大好物のクリームが大量に挟まったプッラのシーズンなのだが、今年は実はまだ1つも食べてないことに気づいたのが今朝。シーズン中しか出回らないこのプッラ、例年、できるだけたくさん食べようと思っていたのに今年は出遅れ気味。(このプッラについては去年も食べ比べなどして書いているので一番下にあるリンクから過去の記事をご覧ください。)

I had hoped they would have it and they did 🙂 Their laskiaispulla was not that big and not that overwhelming creamy but it looked original. It tasted good but it wasn’t that special.

デザインミュージアムのカフェに laskiaispullaがありますように~と思いながら 行ってみるとやっぱりあった 🙂 シーズンものなのだ。このプッラは標準より少し小ぶり、かつクリームも少し控えめ・・・(というかこれがちょうどいいのかもしれないが 私はあの圧倒感のある大量のクリームが大好き(笑。) おいしくいただいたけれどこれといって特別感はない感じだった。


The cafe had pictures of different chair designs on the wall and each one of the chairs in the cafe was different. Yes, the cafe is in the Design Museum 😉 We could smell the wood the chairs were made of and it made me feel relaxed 🙂 Most of the table were occupied (before I took this picture ;-)) but people kept their voice low as they do in the museum and it was suited to my mood of snowy low key Sunday.

カフェの壁にはいすのデザインが・・・そしてカフェのいすは1つ1つが違うデザイン。(デザインミュージアムっぽい。) いすから木材の香りがしてとてもよい感じ。リラックス感満点。下の写真を見るとカフェには誰もいなかったかのように見えるが、写真を撮る前はほとんど埋まっていたのだ。でもみんな美術館にいる延長で静かに話していたのでなんだかそれが今日の私のムードにぴったりだった。今日もまた雪。なんかのんびり過ごしたい日曜日だった。


When we were leaving the museum building, we noticed the entrance hall was beautiful!



More posts about “laskiaispulla” in my blog

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Laskiaispulla – Finnish seasonal cardamon-spiced bun

Fabulous Lunch @ Paris #1 – L’Ecailler du Bistrot

“Fabulous” is the best word I could possibly find in my vocabularies to describe the lunch we had last weekend in Paris. I think it was the best meal I’d ever had in France and one of the best meals I had ever had in my life.

具合が悪くなるちょっと前、先週末はパリで過ごした。土曜日にはたまたまパリにいた日本の友達と合流しておいしいものを食べに行こうという計画。事前のリサーチでピンと来たお店での素敵ランチ、それはもう”Fabulous” (素晴らしい!)っていう言葉が世界で一番ぴったりする感じだった。


We chose oysters as starter. Oyster was the reason why we chose L’Ecailler du Bistrot. We had Brittney oysters and Normandy oysters to compare them following the very kind waiter’s recommendation. We definitely liked Normandy ones better than Brittney though both were pretty good.

フランスにこの時期行くなら牡蠣を食べたい。選んだお店はシーフードレストラン、 L’Ecailler du Bistrot。前菜はもちろん牡蠣。お店の人にお薦めを聞いてノルマンディーとブリタにーの牡蠣の味比べをすることに。軽めでちょっと塩味の強いブリタにーよりも、身がしっかりしているノルマンディーのほうが私たちの好み。


A friend had scallops and I had robuster as main dish. The scallops looked amazing! It was beautifully presented and tasted gorgeous! We were speechless (I, of course, got one piece from her!!!) At the first glance, I wasn’t really impressed by my robuster as it was served with creamy sauce. My ideal robuster dish had been the one simply cooked only with butter, salt and pepper. BUT!!! I was wrong. The sauce was delicious and combination of firm fresh robuster meat was super 🙂

私のメインはロブスター、友達のメインは帆立貝。帆立貝のグリルはなんともビューティフル。こんな美しいホタテは見たことない。そしてお味も最高!(もちろん味見させてもらった ;-)) ロブスターのお皿をみたときは実はちょっとがっかりした。私の好みのロブスター料理はバターと塩・こしょうだけでシンプルに調理したものなのだが、ここのロブスターはクリーミーなソースと一緒に出てきたのだ。が・・・ 食べてみるとそのソースも身の引き締まったどちらもとても美味。というかコンビネーションが最高。がっかりした自分を反省である(笑。


While we were waiting for dessert to be served, I went to the bathroom. When I was coming back to the table, I saw the super-gorgeous dessert!!! WoW!!! What is it? Of course, I knew I ordered apple dessert with caramel and vanilla ice-cream. But I didn’t imagine anything like that. Thin slices of apple compote were arranged in a circle, decorated with yummy caramel, topped with vanilla ice cream. I loved the apple slices which still had crunchiness of raw apple. It looked a big dish but I easily and joyfully finished it 🙂

デザートを待つ間に化粧室に行って席に戻ってくると・・・というか 遠めにテーブルの上に置かれたデザートを見てびっくり!!! なにこれ~?すごい! 確かりんごのデザートでキャラメルソースとバニラアイスクリームののったものを注文したのだが。席についてじっくり見てみると。それはもちろんりんごとキャラメルソースとバニラアイス。軽くコンポートにしてまだシャキシャキ感の残ったりんごのスライスが美しく円形に敷き詰められてその上をこれまた美しいキャラメルの波が・・・そして中央にアイスクリーム。一見、こんなに食べられるの?と思ったけど甘すぎず新鮮なりんごはとても軽く、すっかり完食。



Fabulous, indeed! We loved our lunch time at L’Ecailler du Bistrot. By the way, I was impressed by their menu. There is no meat as it is a seafood restaurant!!! (I don’t know if it’s nothing special in France not to have meat in the menu at seafood restaurants but I don’t remember if I had been to restaurants which don’t serve meat dish at all unless they were veggie restaurants.)

The restaurant doesn’t have own web page but I read about it in Timeout Paris, checked more information at the Google Plus page and asked the hotel reception to book a table for us.


このレストランは独自のWebページがないのだが Timeout Paris で読んでピンと来た。さらにGoogle Plus pageで情報を調べて泊まったホテルに頼んで予約してもらったとう次第。私たちが行ったランチタイムは特に予約しなくても席は空いていたのだが、やっぱり念のため予約はしたほうがよいかと思われる。おいしいからきっと人気。

Sushi Wagocoro @ Helsinki – “Setsubun” Special

Yesterday’s lunch.

Before having coffee at good old Finnish cafe yesterday, we had delicious sushi lunch at the best sushi restaurant in Helsinki (most likely the best in Finland 🙂 ), Wagocoro. About the restaurant, check it out my old post,  “Genuine Sushi at Wagocoro @ Helsinki“. They serve genuine Japanese sushi prepared by a genuine Japanese sushi master. You never get disappointed 🙂

昨日のランチはヘルシンキで一番(おそらくフィンランドで一番!)おいしいお寿司屋さん、Wagocoro でいただいた。このお店については以前書いているので詳細は”Genuine Sushi at Wagocoro @ Helsinki“ で。本物の寿司職人が握る正真正銘日本のお寿司。そしてまさに和心なおもてなし。いつ行ってもおいしくうれしい気分にしてくれるお寿司屋さんなのだ。

I loved the small plate for soy sauce 🙂



Wagocoro is closed on weekends but this Sunday, it will be exceptionally open for “setsubun”. It serves special sushi “ehomaki” for setsubun in addition to ordinary menu. (as to “setsubun”, read it at the bottom)

このお店、普段は土日が休みで残念なのだが、今週日曜日(2月3日)は節分の特別営業。12時から18時までオープンする。目玉は恵方巻。おいしいお寿司屋さんの恵方巻。さっそく予約してしまった 🙂

Setsubun(節分) is the day before the beginning of Spring in Japan. The name literally means “seasonal division”, but usually the term refers to the Spring Setsubun, properly called Risshun (立春) celebrated yearly on February 3 as part of the Spring Festival (春祭 haru matsuri). In its association with the Lunar New Year, Spring Setsubun can be and was previously thought of as a sort of New Year’s Eve, and so was accompanied by a special ritual to cleanse away all the evil of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come. This special ritual is called mamemaki (豆撒) (literally “bean throwing”). Setsubun has its origins intsuina (追儺), a Chinese custom introduced to Japan in the eighth century. –wikipedia

Good Old Finnish Cafe – Huvilan Kahvila @ Helsinki

“6mk = 1.01€” at the very bottom of the sign

When I came to see LUX 2013 light installation, I noticed the small cafe at Hakasalmi Villa. Hakasalmi Villa was built in 1843 by the procurator and privy counselor Carl Johan Walleen as a combined city and country residence and is now Helsinki city museum. And there is a small cafe Huvilan Kahvila on the left side of the museum building.

1月の初め、LUX 2013というイベントを見に行ったときに初めてその存在を知ったHuvilan Kahvila。1843年に建てられて今はヘルシンキ市の美術館になっているHakasalmi Villa の美術館の建物の左手にある。

The first thing which caught my eyes was the sign of the cafe. (You might be smiling looking at the photo on the top 🙂 “mk” is Finnish markka (Mark), which had been the official currency in Finland before EURO was introduced in 2002. A friend and I tried to remember the exchange rate between mk and € and noticed that the cafe was kind  enough to put the price of a cup of coffee EURO in the sign as well as in mk  😉 6mk = 1.01€ 🙂 And a cup of coffee was really 1€ at the cafe.

(Finnish businesses and banks have employed a method known as “Swedish rounding” when tallying sums. Due in large part to the inefficiency of producing and accepting the 1 cent and 2 cent coins, Finland has opted to remove these coins from general circulation in order to offset the cost involved in accepting them… by wikipedia)

このカフェの前にはこんな看板が(上の写真)・・・コーヒー 6mk。mk とはユーロが2002年に導入される前にフィンランドの通貨だったマルッカのこと。”マルッカってユーロにするといくらだったっけ?”と一緒にいた友達と話し始めたのだが、実は看板の下のほうに換算レートが 6mk = 1.01€ :) (実際カフェのコーヒーは1€。フィンランドでは効率化を目指して1㌣と2㌣の硬貨は流通していないのだ。それでも値段の表示には1㌣も2㌣も存在していて実際に現金で支払いされるときは四捨五入される。)


According to the article in some Japanese magazine which  was on the wall of the cafe, Huvilan Kahvila sticks to be “good old” Finnish style though it is a relatively new cafe opened in February 2012. No music, no Wifi, no laptops and no meetings in the cafe.


Good old Finnish korvapuusti

And there is no cappuccino (of course, good old Finnish cafe didn’t have cappuccino but Finnish coffee!) So, we had good old Finnish coffee (6mk!) and good old Finnish korvapuusti (cinnamon bun)! Korvapuusti was great being different from other shops’ or cafes’. I didn’t quite find out what was different in the ingredients but a friend of mine said it has more eggs than other korvapuusti. It’s most likely so but we don’t know the truth 😉

昔ながらのフィンランドのカフェにはカプチーノなどあるわけがない。あるのはもちろん昔ながらのフィンランドのコーヒー。そんなわけでフィンランド式のコーヒー(6マルッカ)と、こちらもとてもフィンランド的なkorvapuusti (フィンランドの典型的なシナモンロール、もしくはプッラの代表的なものとしてご存知かと。)をいただく。ここのkorvapuustiは非常に美味。ほかのところのkorvapuustiとなんだか違っていたのだが、どこがどのように違ってこのような味と食感になっているのか・・・私には分からなかったのだが、一緒にいた友達によると普通のkorvapuustiよりも入っている卵の量が多いのではないかということ。そうかも・・・と思ったが 真相は不明 😉


The Japanese magazine article talked about donuts (I think it meant “munkki” if you know what munkki is 😉 which they start baking at 1am to get them ready at 7am when the cafe opens (it seems good old Finnish cafe used to open early in the morning for the people who enjoys coffee before going to work). I didn’t see any donuts and asked the lady at the counter about it and she told me it was only on Saturdays. Of course, I am thinking of going there on Saturday, not this week though 😉 We chatted a bit about the Japanese article as she didn’t know what was written there 🙂

日本の雑誌にはこのお店のドーナッツについての記載があり(フィンランド通の皆様にはmunkkiでおなじみ)、朝7時の開店にあわせて午前1時から仕込みを開始するとか(昔ながらのフィンランドのカフェは朝7時に開店して会社に出勤する前の人々がコーヒーを飲んでいく場所なのだということもその雑誌に書いてあった。なるほどね・・・。) お店になかったので聞いてみると、ドーナッツがあるのは土曜日だけだということ。もちろん、今度土曜日に食べに行かなくちゃと思った私。お店の人はこの記事に何が書いてあるのか知らなかったようで、ドーナッツは土曜日だけと教えてくれたあとに、そのことについて書いてあるのかと質問されたり。

I liked the tulips at the entrance and the tables of the cafe. I also liked the carpet. It’s a cozy good old Finnish cafe! Lovely to have it in Helsinki city center <3

入り口やテーブルの上に置いてあったチューリップとか私たちのテーブルの横に敷かれていたカーペットとかお店の何気ないインテリアがなんだか素敵だった。こんな素敵な昔ながらのフィンランドカフェは昨日行ったヘルシンキ音楽センターの道を挟んで隣。(反対隣には有名なフィンランディアホール) シティセンターにある昔ながらのフィンランド式カフェ、さっそくお気に入りの場所になったのだった <3


Heartwarming Lunch on the Cold Day – Leib Resto ja Aed @ Tallinn

When it’s cold, sky is super clear. The sun was rising when we were leaving Helsinki for Tallinn.

It was one of the coldest mornings when a friend and I left the West Harbor of Helsinki for Tallinn, Estonia. I saw many Facebook posts which told me temperature went down lower than -20 degrees. (Luckily, the lowest temperature I saw was -17 degrees 😉


We wanted to go shopping in Tallinn and the cold weather didn’t bother us as much as it would have if we had gone for sightseeing. We managed to go to one of the big shopping malls in Tallinn by the free shuttle bus from the port and happily finished shopping by the time we planned to do so.


The agenda after shopping was lunch at the restaurant where I had planned to go last summer but couldn’t. When I read about the restaurant at some tourist information web page, I had good feeling about the Leib Resto ja Aed. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed it was introduced in Japanese magazine.

買い物のあとは遅めのランチ。去年の夏に行こうとして予約までしたのにいけなかったレストラン、Leib Resto ja Aed。去年タリンに行くときにサーチしてなんだかピンと来たのがこの店だった。さらに、今年になって日本の雑誌でも紹介されていたのだが。

Wintery pumpkin dish, 7€

Dining experience at Leib Resto ja Aed was dreamy and heart-warming. Great selection in the menu, lovely presentation and great taste, and good service. The restaurant staffs were friendly, yet polite. And it wasn’t expensive (of course, it depends on where you compare it with but we wouldn’t get this quality at this price in Helsinki)


After having appetizer, beef tartare,  I had wintery pumpkin dish as a main course. It was one of the best veggie main dishes I’ve ever had. The harmony of the tastes of roasted pumpkin with pumpkin cream and cottage cheese was perfect.


Wintery chocolate dessert 5.00 EUR

Dessert was as amazing as we stopped talking. We were just smiley and enjoying the moment of bliss. I don’t think I need to explain more about it but am hoping the photos tells you much more than my words 😉

デザートは・・・ああ、もう・・・なんて言ったら・・・ほんと至福の一品。(友達のデザートも少し試食されてもらったので二品だが・・・;-) あれこれお説明するより、写真を見てもらったほうがよいと思われる。こんなデザートを食べてる間は友達と私、話すのもやめてただそのおいしさと幸せに浸ってみた ;-)

Crème brûlée with black bread 4.00 EUR

After lunch, we walked a bit in the old town stopping by some small shops  and headed to the harbour to catch the ferry to go home in Helsinki. All the way home, we were talking about how lovely day we had in Tallinn. Shopping and lovely meal! Girls day in Tallinn was successful!


Smiley Coffee Time at Kawa cafe :)


Last Thursday at Kawa Cafe. What made me smile was cute and yummy cupcakes and smiley cappuccino 🙂 🙂 🙂

先週の木曜日に行ったKawa Cafe でとっても素敵なコーヒータイム。超かわいくておいしいカップケーキとスマイリーなカプチーノ。もう最高 🙂 🙂 🙂